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Essays & Criticism

“Fanatical Moderate” / The Baffler
“Forgiving Heidegger” / The Hedgehog Review (print and online)
“Unmapping: On Olga Tokarczuk’s Flights / Triangle House Review
“By What Law” / Jewish Currents
“Sheila Heti’s Talmudic Texts” / Los Angeles Review of Books
"Audio Salve: The Relentless Picnic Podcast and the Power of a Real Conversation"Los Angeles Review of Books
"The Pleasures of John Ashbery's 'Difficult' Poetry"Literary Hub
"The Power of W. G. Sebald's Small Silences"Literary Hub
"The Diasporist of Drohobycz"The New Inquiry
"Clarice Lispector's Lifelong Project"The Nation
"The Eternal Exile"The Hedgehog Review (print and online)
"On Carmen Maria Machado's Body Horrors"The Millions
"There’s Only One Tonya: Debating Sufjan Stevens’s Two Renditions of 'Tonya Harding'” (with Chris Stedman) / Los Angeles Review of Books
"Where I Want to Be: Finding Home Between Byrne and Bachelard"The Scofield
"'The Imagination Plays with You': Mary Ruefle's My Private Property and On Imagination"Kenyon Review Online
"The Divinity of Dog Writing"Literary Hub
"Story, Sign, and Play"The Hedgehog Review (print and online)
On Ruth Madievsky's Emergency Brake Prairie Schooner (print and online)
"Danny Strong as Jonathan Levinson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003)"Goodnight, Sweet Prince
"In the Age of Trump, Reclaiming the Golem as a Symbol of Jewish Resistance"Literary Hub
"Beyond and Beneath Blue Voyage"The Scofield
"Looking at Micah" / Jews for Animals Blog
On Yoko Tawada's Memoirs of a Polar Bear Full Stop
On Thalia Field's Experimental Animals: A Reality Fiction Full Stop
      Reprinted in Full Stop Reviews Supplement, Issue 2
"'Like a Planet Forming its Own Orbit': Robin McLean's Reptile House" / Kenyon Review Online
"Is God a Word?: The Heterodox Jewishness of Clarice Lispector"The Scofield
      Reprinted by Literary Hub
On Masande Ntshanga's The Reactive Full Stop
Reprinted in Full Stop Reviews Supplement, Issue 1
On Brian Blanchfield's Proxies: Essays Near Knowing Full Stop
On Noy Holland's Bird / Full Stop
On Clarice Lispector's The Complete Stories (with Becca Rothfeld) Full Stop
On Lily Hoang and Joshua Marie Wilkinson's The Force of What's Possible Full Stop
Reprinted in  Full Stop Quarterly, Issue 1


Elisa Gabbert / The Millions
Meghan O’Gieblyn / Los Angeles Review of Books
Brian Dillon / Los Angeles Review of Books
Katharine KilaleaThe Millions
Eli ValleyLos Angeles Review of Books
James SturmThe Millions
Lacy M. JohnsonLos Angeles Review of Books
Bennett SimsThe American Reader


Recommendation of Patrick Modiano’s Sleep of Memory / Literary Hub
Recommendation of Anna Moschovakis's Eleanor, or, The Rejection of the Progress of Love Literary Hub
Recommendation of Daisy Hildyard's The Second Body Literary Hub
Recommendation of Rachel Cusk's Kudos Literary Hub
Recommendation of Kate Briggs’ This Little Art / Literary Hub
Interview for Secrets of the Book Critics seriesLiterary Hub
Recommendation of Julián Herbert’s Tomb Song / Literary Hub
Recommendation of Patrick Nathan's Some Hell Literary Hub
Recommendation of Euripides' Bakkhai, trans. Anne CarsonLiterary Hub
Recommendation of Rachel Ingalls' Mrs. Caliban / Literary Hub
Recommendation of Elvira Navarro's A Working Woman Literary Hub
Recommendation of Danez Smith's Don't Call Us Dead Literary Hub
Recommendation of Michael Robbins' Equipment for Living: On Poetry and Pop MusicLiterary Hub